just wasted time scanning through 10 different TEDxTalks on how poverty can be eradicated….through existing capitalist structures. (and by studying the results of big data, because you know, its totally natural to categorize through #)

yep. that seems to be going well. get back to me on that one in 2048, the supposed year some guy(Hans Rosling) said we will all achieve “equality” and the 3rd world will “catch up” with the rest of us. That is, if two little things called  “War” and “Climate Change” don’t get in the way. And I quote 

Will the former rich countries really accept a completely changed world economy, and a shift of power away from where it has been the last 50 to 100 to 150 years, back to Asia? And will Asia be able to handle that new position of being in charge of being the most mighty, and the governors of the world? So, always avoid war, because that always pushes human beings backward. Now if these inequalities, climate and war can be avoided, get ready for a world in equity, because this is what seems to be happening.

Uhh yep. except the system you are advocating for promotes war and actually pushes humans “forward” if you’re looking at who is in charge. So let’s just hope that climate change and war can just be “avoided” then equality here we come!

Oh, and all of these speeches were all given by people who were never actually poor or hungry.


So now we return to your previously scheduled programming… Fragments of Anarchist Anthropology.





On Hearing the Airlines Will Use a Psychological Profile to Catch Potential Skyjackers

They will catch me
as sure as the check-out girls
in every Woolworths have caught me, the badge
of my imagined theft shining in their eyes.

I will be approaching the ticket counter
and knowing myself, myselves,
will effect the nonchalance of a baron.
This is what they’ll be looking for.

I’ll say “Certainly is nice that the
airlines are taking these precautions,”
and the man behind the counter
will press a secret button,

there’ll be a hand on my shoulder
(this will have happened before in a dream),
and in the back room they’ll ask me
“Why were you going to do it?”

I’ll say “you wouldn’t believe
I just wanted to get to Cleveland?”
“No,” they’ll say.
So I’ll tell them everything,

the plot to get the Pulitzer Prize
in exchange for the airplane,
the bomb in my pencil,
heroin in the heel of my boot.

Inevitably, it’ll be downtown for booking,
newsmen pumping me for deprivation
during childhood,
the essential cause.

"There is no one cause for any human act,"
I’ll tell them, thinking finally,
a chance to let the public in
on the themes of great literature.

And on and on, celebration myself, offering
no resistance, assuming what they assume,
knowing, in a sense, there is no such thing
as the wrong man.


-Dunn, 1974



To a Terrorist

For the historical ache, the ache passed down
which finds its circumstance and becomes
the present ache, I offer this poem

without hope, knowing there’s nothing
not even revenge, which alleviates
a life like yours. I offer it as one

might offer his father’s ashes
to the wind, a gesture
when there’s nothing else to do.

Still, I must say to you:
I hate your good reasons.
I hate the hatefulness that makes you fall

in love with death, your own included.
Perhaps you’re hating me now,
I who own my own house

and live in a country so muscular,
so smug, it thinks its terror is meant
only to mean well, and to protect.

Christ turned his singular cheek,
one man’s holiness another’s absurdity.
Like you, the rest of us obey the sting,

the surge. I’m just speaking out loud
to cancel my silence. Consider it an old impulse,
doomed to become mere words.

The first poet probably spoke to thunder
and, for a while, believed
thunder had an ear and a choice.


Stephen Dunn, 1986




Channeling my inner Margaret Thompson-Schroeder on Election Day. 




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